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Thank you for choosing to sponsor a child. These donations pay for tuition costs for the students at each school or the care of the children at each home. Yearly updates on the children will be provided to each sponsor as much as possible.

If you are interested in fully sponsoring a child at a home or a student at a school, please contact Anita Mohan for specific details.

One time donations are accepted. Monthly donations are as follows:
  • Partial sponsorships are accepted (even $5, $10 or $20)
  • Recommended amount is $70/month for full Paraguay School Sponsorship or partial home sponsorship and $40/month for Zambia Harmony School.
  • Credit card donations are processed in Canadian funds.
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    Please choose a child to sponsor from the list below:
    Brandon Missael Figueredo Amarilla
    June 29, 2007
    His parents fight for their children to access a good institution. He says he is happy to have access to a quality education thanks to the scholarship, because his parents can not afford the expenses without the help of the scholarship. (Updated April 22, 2019)

    Diego Isaías Ibarra Alfonso
    September 28, 2002
    Diego is one of our best students, he is respectful and with good manners, we are working so that he knows the Lord. He is from a family where only the father works, and he has a younger brother who is also in Adonai. (Updated March 1, 2018)

     Emanuel Alexis Dávalos Samaniego (Sponsored)
    February 23, 2009

    Emanuel has a new brother this year, only his father works, he is a merchant, and sometimes he has good seasons and sometimes not so much, they are happy for the Christian teaching of the school, they are also helping a relative from the interior, having him at home. (Updated April 22, 2019)

    Jorge Luis Núñez García
    February 29, 2004
    His parents work as caretakers of the Israel Church, support the school's activities. Jorge is a very good student, he is happy for the scholarship, two more years are left before he can finish school and start university and be able to help his parents. (Updated April 22, 2019)

     Juliana Beatriz Jimenez Paniagua (Sponsored)
    April 16, 2005

    Juliana lives with her mother and her three brothers, she is a good student in behavior, her mother is a kitchen assistant this year, their father left home and does not help almost economically, the mother can not work so much because her children are small and can not leave home. (Updated April 22, 2019)

    María Luján Amarilla Wagner
    June 11, 2009
    Her father is a security guard, and her mother works half a day as a public official. Luján had a health problem, and the little salary of her parents barely enough for her medications and to pay for the family expenses. (Updated April 22, 2019)

     Mell Bella Agüero Caballero (Sponsored)
    July 08, 2007

    Mell lives with her grandmother, she was abandoned by her parents, the grandmother works as a cleaner this year, and it is very heavy for them, because the husband of the lady is on cancer treatment, and her grandmother's mother has arthritis and is in bed. In spite of everything, Mell is a girl of good behavior and very applied in the school. (Updated April 22, 2019)

    Pablo Mauricio Berra Centurión
    October 19, 2005
    He is our student since last year, comes from a public school, gave his life to Christ and is attending church together with his mother, is from a family of limited resources, his mother is a shoe salesman and his father sells charcoal vegetable. (Updated April 22, 2019)

     Sofía Araceli Benítez Irala (Sponsored)
    June 09, 2010

    She is part of a family of limited resources, she is an excellent student, her family supports the school a lot in any activity, even in the care of the garden, in her house only the father works. (Updated April 22, 2019)

     Willian Dejesús Garay Ramos (Sponsored)
    June 09, 2008

    William's father is a policeman and he is the only one who works in the house, although his income is medium, they invest a lot in the treatment of William, who has cerebral paralysis in the middle of his body, but he has improved a lot in these years. (Updated April 22, 2019)