Contact Us

If you need to contact the ACCMBC, please use the information listed below. Please provide ideas and feedback about our web site by emailing the director.  If you are interested in volunteering for the ACCMBC, please contact one of the trustees mentioned below.

Mailing Address Contact Number Business Number
1880 Strasburg Road
Kitchener, Ontario
N2R 1Y3
519-577-1138 871056206RR0001


Name Telephone Email
Louis Jahn 519-818-4133
Zoran Lisulov 905-864-4662
Josiah Reinhardt 947-236-9363
Willie Ritzmann 519-577-1138
Gary Tomic 519-342-8026


Name Position Email
Willie Ritzmann Director
Zoran Lisulov European Projects Coordinator
Lilli Jahn Treasurer
Stella Felso Assistant Treasurer, Donation Coordinator
Josiah Reinhardt Work Team Coordinator
Edmund Reinhardt Regina & London Coordinator
Gary Tomic Benevolence, Trustee Chairman
Dan Weinhardt Cheerful Giver Coordinator
Willie Ritzmann Mobilization Coordinator
Josh Jahn Promotions
Anita Mohan Missionary Correspondent, Sponsorship Program Coordinator
Aidan & Kelly Nitz Social Media
Zhen Gong Webmaster

Elder Advisors

Name Telephone Email
Doug Savin 519-822-3727
Werner Weinhardt 519-865-0650

Benevolence Committee Members

Name Telephone Email
Edmund Reinhardt 905-854-6195
Frank Binder 519-733-0994
Gary Tomic 519-342-8026

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