Expense Report Procedures

Note that Willie Ritzmann or Gary Tomic can approve any expense reports except their own. The preference is to allow the volunteer coordinators in charge of their specific area to approve expense reports of volunteers in their area (except their own), but in an urgent situation Willie Ritzmann or Gary Tomic can approve.

  • Willie Ritzmann must approve the Regina church expense reports.
  • Edmund Reinhardt must approve the London Outreach expense reports.
  • Willie Ritzmann must approve an ACN Volunteer expense report.
  • Josiah Reinhardt approves all work team related expenses.
  • Trustee expense reports are approved by Gary Tomic or Willie Ritzmann
  • Dan Weinhardt approves all Cheerful Giver expense reports
  • Zoran Lisulov or Svetlana Palanacki approves all EPC expense reports
  • Any other volunteer expense report that falls outside of the above Willie Ritzmann must approve and Gary Tomic is backup.  In the absence of any of the above individuals, Willie Ritzmann can approve the expense reports

There are two ways to submit an expense report, by mail or by email to the above approval person. See the Contact Us page for the mailing address or to find the email of the approval person.

If submitted by mail, the original receipts and a signed copy of the expense report is required.

If submitted by email, the expense report can be submitted in an online format and the receipts must be scanned in. The expense report doesn’t need to be signed if emailed as your email address which will substitute as your signature. Keep the expense reports for your records for at least 1 calendar year if you submit a scanned copy.

Download Expense Report Forms

  • Travel expense report (Excel) or (PDF)
  • All other expenses except travel (Excel) or (PDF)

Please email Willie Ritzmann for more information if necessary.

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