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Thank you for choosing to sponsor a child. These donations pay for tuition costs for the students at each school or the care of the children at each home. Yearly updates on the children will be provided to each sponsor as much as possible.

If you are interested in fully sponsoring a child at a home or a student at a school, please contact Anita Mohan for specific details.

One time donations are accepted. Monthly donations are as follows:
  • Partial sponsorships are accepted (even $5, $10 or $20)
  • Recommended amount is $70/month for full Paraguay School Sponsorship or partial home sponsorship and $40/month for Zambia Harmony School.
  • Credit card donations are processed in Canadian funds.
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    Other (minimum $15)
    Please choose a child to sponsor from the list below:
     David Eduardo Silva (Sponsored)
    January 09, 2007

    David and his brother, João Marcos, came to the home in April. David is a friendly boy who gets along well with most of the boys. He enjoys riding bikes, playing catch, and the game of Uno. David does well in school and especially loves to learn English and is quick to remember new words. He has many issues with his teeth due to poor dental hygiene before coming to the home and is currently seeing the dentist on a regular basis to try to fix some of the problems. (Updated June 17, 2019)

     Ezequiel Arcanjo André Gomes (Sponsored)
    April 23, 2003

    Info to follow (May 2019) Ezequiel is a quiet boy who came to live at the home in April after his grandmother abandoned him and his older brother. He loves soccer and enjoys horseback riding. Ezequiel is a good helper and enjoys working with João in the garden. Unfortunately, he does not like school and often gets into trouble with his teachers. Ezequiel does however have an interest in English and enjoys learning new words. (Updated June 17, 2019)

    João Marcos Eduardo da Silva
    January 07, 2009
    João Marcos and his brother, David, came to live at the home in April. Their mother was very negligent and they spent most of their time on the streets. João Marcos is currently our youngest and is an active child. He has a quick temper and sometimes gets into fights with the other boys. João Marcos enjoys playing with cars and riding bikes. He is a good student and does well in school. (Updated June 17, 2019

     Paulo Henrique Alexandre Alves (Sponsored)
    May 05, 2008

    Paulo is an active child who loves sports, especially soccer and bike riding. He also loves playing video games, especially FIFA soccer. Paulo does well in school, but can be lazy, therefore he needs to be encouraged to use the abilities God has given him. Paulo gets along well with the other boys, but does have a short fuse due to his competitive nature. He has a younger sister who lives with her aunt and he enjoys when she comes to visit him here at the home. (Updated January 5, 2019)

     Pedro Henrique Felix Ribeiro (Sponsored)
    March 23, 2007

    Pedro arrived at the home in February 2018. He came from a very difficult home situation and due to his life experiences, arrived as a very rebellious, troublesome boy. Pedro has improved greatly since his arrival, but still has some serious disorders. Pedro loves singing and dreams of being a professional singer one day. (Updated January 5, 2019)

    Ronan de Oliveira Faria
    February 05, 2005
    Ronan is an outgoing boy who came to the home in 2018. He has an older sister who he enjoys talking to on the phone. Ronan is passionate about soccer and dreams of being a professional player. He does not like school and at times causes trouble with his classmates. Ronan enjoys helping Samuel at the barn with the horses. In his free time, he loves watching soccer or movies and playing Uno. (Updated June 17, 2019)

     Vitor Augusto Batista, (Sponsored)
    April 16, 2008

    Vitor came back to the home in October 2017. He had previously lived here from 2014-2016 when he went back to live with his mother; however, she once again lost her rights due to neglect. Vitor is a loving child who craves attention and enjoys giving and receiving hugs. He is very smart and does well in school. Vitor loves animals, especially taking care of the dogs at the home. He also enjoys watching cartoons and drawing. (Updated January 5, 2019)