Paraguay Grade School


Colegio Privado Adonai is a school in Asuncion, Paraguay that was started after the brothers and sisters in the local church felt the need to have a Christian influence on the education of the local children. It took years of prayer, organization, building and planning, but God finally allowed the doors of the school to open in February of 2003 for the first time. Starting the year with 58 students, Colegio Privado Adonai has now grown to an enrollment of 280 students as of March 2012…our 10th year anniversary!

Classrooms are filled to capacity. Parents are eager to send their children to this accredited school in which all the teachers are Christians, and Bible reading, prayer, scripture memorization, and spiritual retreats are all part of the school curriculum. Over 80 students are able to attend simply because of their academic scholarships (sponsored by others) or because of financial assistance received by those who want to help the school and students to thrive.

It is the prayer of the church, the school staff and the parents that God would allow this school to continue as a spiritually educational haven for the many children in Asuncion who might otherwise fall through the cracks of a public and very secular school system. By attending Colegio Privado Adonai, students are not only introduced to Jesus Christ, but are taught to learn more about Him as much as any other subject in their classrooms.

To read the letter sent by the school in November 2013, click here.

To view the blog for this mission, click here.

Current Needs

  • Prayer Support – Please pray that God will continue providing for the school both physically and spiritually.
  • Child Tuition – Each child has to pay for school so please consider sponsoring a child for their yearly tuition.
  • English Teachers – If you or someone you know can come for a year or two to teach English as a second language it would be much appreciated.
  • Office Help – The school needs someone with computer knowledge or administrative skills who can help with our English department and correspondence.
  • School Rooms – The school requires more classrooms due to growth. Please consider a work team opportunity to help build or donating financially.
  • Computer Lab – The school currently has two computers for teachers and students to use and requires more to assist with education.

How To Help

To discuss opportunities for this cause, please contact the chairman.

To donate to this cause, please visit the Donations page.

To sponsor a child from this school, please visit the Sponsor A Child page.

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