Papua New Guinea School


The School for Girls in Papua New Guinea had been running successfully with many graduates being equipped and prepared to help in their communities and churches. Since then, there has been a new vision ministry that has now become a reality. The Papua New Guinea Theological and Technical School has been established in the village of Hal Hal where both men and women are attending and enhancing their knowledge of God.

The training Bible school focuses on teaching students the theological aspects of the Bible as well as helping to prepare these students to be used in their communities in church planting and ministry. The number of students interested in attending the school has been overwhelming and it’s exciting to see how there is such a desire to learn more of God’s Word and to be used for His service. Along with the theological aspects of learning at the training school, students are taught farming techniques that are vital skills that will help each community become self sufficient.

The initiation to open the GNCC Theological and Technical Training School after 43 years of dependency on other colleges has seen nothing but positive results. There is preparation for expansion already taking place for the year 2007. The training school is preparing 8 dormitories, 2 teach houses and a double classroom. With the expansion comes the anticipation of many more believers learning more about the Bible and being able to reach out into their communities to help and touch lives with the love of Jesus.

To visit the work team blog for the school, please visit this link.

To see a video of a trip to Papua New Guinea in 2012, please visit this link.
To see a video of a trip to Papua New Guinea in 2013, please visit this link.
To see a video of a trip to Papua New Guinea in 2014, please visit this link.

To view a progress report on the 9 Mile church, please visit this link.
To view a report from August 2014, please visit this link.

Current Needs

  • Prayer Support
  • Fence – A new fence is required in Mt. Hagen. Please consider volunteering for a work team.
  • Teacher Houses – The teachers currently live in bush material houses and would like to rebuild them with wood.
  • Financial Support – The teachers at the Life Skills Bible School School are currently paid very little and the ACCMBC covers about half of the bursary for the students attending the school. Please consider donating financially using the link below.
  • Please consider donating towards the purchasing of another sawmill for our brethren in Papua New Guinea.

How To Help

To discuss opportunities for this cause, please contact the chairman.

To donate to this cause, please visit the Donations page.

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