Green Olive Tree Ministries

“But I am like a green olive tree planted in the house of God. I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever.” (Psalm 52:8)


Brent and Debbie Freeman, originally from Mansfield, Ohio, moved to Brazil with their three children, Benjamin, Kezia and Elizabeth, in March of 1987. The Lord was asking them to minister in the Nepomuceno Boys’ Home where they served as directors for three years. In the midst of caring for the 80+ boys in the home, the Lord grew the immediate Freeman family by four more members. In December of 1988, twins were born to the Freemans. Both those cheering for a boy and those rooting for a girl were satisfied as Kaleb and Karah came into the world.

Several years later in 1993, the Freemans found themselves 1500 kilometers from Nepomuceno in the Northeastern town of Pombos, Pernambuco. Once again the Lord initiated their new ministry with a new arrival. The owner of their rented house came to say that he had received word that there was a family nearby with 4 children. Neighbors were complaining that the children were crying night and day. Knowing that Americans had moved into the neighborhood and hearing that they were here to help the people, they were wondering if these foreigners could help out this family. The Freemans arrived in Pombos in the middle of a five year drought. In the course of assisting the people with their needs through food distribution programs, health care, and education, the story of nurturing neglected children was to be repeated many times over. Some of the babies rescued from the back room returned to their parents, others were adopted by Brazilians and others were taken home by the Lord.

Today, although the health, education and economic conditions of Pombos have improved, spiritual poverty is still rampant. GOTM stands for, teaches and models the dignity and value of human life, at all ages and stages, as created in the image of God.

The original Freeman children are now adults. All of them are committed to continuing in the ministry that they believe the Lord called them to as children back in 1987.

How To Help

To discuss opportunities for this cause, please contact the chairman.

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