The Galilean Home



The Galilean Home, located in the rolling hills of Liberty, Kentucky has been serving children and young adults since 1969. It is a non-profit ministry founded by Jerry and Sandy Tucker, with the simple purpose of helping those that need help and loving those that need love. After several unsuccessful years of trying to start their own family, the couple was able to adopt a three-and-a-half-month old boy with medical problems who had been given up by his teen-aged mother. Since that time they were unable to say no. Sandy said, “I don’t think God gave me time to think about it. We took every child God sent us – One person’s pain is another person’s joy. I just get joy out of it!“ The Galilean Home cares for children of all ages, from all over the world, that have been abused, neglected, rejected or are in need of medical treatment.

A peculiar place at The Galilean Home is the Blessing House, where those with varying degrees of special needs live. These “children” (which include children in their 50’s and beyond) range from those being completely bed-ridden, to those that are able to be in wheelchairs, and lastly those that just need some supervision and an extra hand. Another unique place is the Angel House, which is part of the Born Free Ministry. This is where infants and toddlers are cared for, while their mother is in prison. Along with all the love and care given to these young ones, they are also taken to the prison for a weekly visit with their mom.

In addition to the Blessing House and Born Free Ministry, Galilean Home Ministries also consists of the Galilean Christian Academy, which is an on-campus school providing a christian education; the Bread of Life Cafe, which is a restaurant that employs some residents of The Galilean Home; and the Trading Post, which is a “goodwill” store for donated goods. The Galilean Home takes no government funding and relies completely on donations from the public, churches and organizations.

To visit the website hosted by the home, please click this link.

To visit the Facebook site for the ministry, please click this link.

To visit the work team blog, please click this link.

Current Needs

The needs for the Galilean Children’s Home are constantly changing. Please visit this link and review the needs list.

How To Help

To discuss opportunities for this cause, please contact the chairman.

To donate to this cause, please visit the Donations page.

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