Regina Church


What a change is taking place in Saskatchewan!

The history of the Regina Outreach started back in the fall of 2005 when Bro. Doug Savin was invited to come to Regina Saskatchewan to see if ministers could come out on a monthly basis. Early in 2006, an Ontario minister rotation was established, and since then on a monthly basis, a brother has flown out to have services. At first three sisters would assemble with some family members, but over time the small group has begun to grow. In 2010, we were invited to a home in Prince Albert and after a number of visits, our Sis. Radita Baranga was baptized. In the fall of 2012, Sis. Cristina Allegro was baptized followed by her daughter Lolita giving a public declaration of her service to the Lord in November 2014.

At present, up to twenty people gather on a weekly basis at the Regina YWCA.  The Lord has indeed blessed the efforts so far!

Current Needs

  • Prayer Support – Please pray for that opportunities would arise for more people to attend.
  • Missionary Work – More couples or individuals are encouraged to come stay for an extended period to help grow and build this outreach.

How To Help

To discuss opportunities for this cause, please contact the chairman.

To donate to this cause, please visit the Donations page.