Little Hands Orphanage

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven – Matthew 19:14


“Little Hands” is an orphanage operated by the Apostolic Christian Church. It was started by the joint efforts of Daniel and Natasha Cervantes and many other brothers and sisters across Canada, the US, and Mexico, including the Mexican Association. The property was purchased by the church in September of 2014, and after many long months of paperwork and government (DIF) visits, the orphanage was granted their first 3 children in July of 2016. It is now our mission to care for all the children that come through our doors as Christ would have us to. Click here to view the mission statement.

Since the first 3 babies arrived, Little Hands has been blessed by over 15 little children who have come and then been adopted along the way. The orphanage currently only has two homes, and therefore capacity for 13 children. We really hope to expand with the Lord’s help, and are hoping to start adding more homes and caregivers within the near future to be able to care for more kids. We are incredibly grateful to all the donors who have helped us to get to where we are thus far, and all those who have labored with us physically and blessed us, and these children, in so many ways. There have been countless projects which could not have been completed without Christ’s body coming together, and words cannot express our gratitude for the prayers lifted up on our behalf, the donated time of many, and the donated funds.

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Current Needs

  • A proper secure fence lining the inner portion of the property. Estimated Cost: $23,000 USD.
  • An additional orphanage van for transportation.
  • A new home will Lord-willing be constructed later this year (2018).
  • Work-teams need to be planned in order to make these projects possible.

Near Future Needs

  • More Caregivers will be needed, especially in the form of couples.
  • More men will be needed who are mechanically inclined, and able to help Daniel with the upkeep of the homes and vehicles.
  • The DIF will also be requiring on site Psychologists, Child Therapists, Nurses, etc. in the near future. We pray God will raise up men and women from our own congregations to fulfill these requirements.
  • More livestock (for sustainability) would help us as we grow.
  • Any agricultural aids.
  • Larger storage facilities for supplies and equipment.
  • More playground equipment for the children.

How To Help

To discuss opportunities for this cause, please contact the chairman.

To donate to this cause, please visit the Donations page.