Nepomuceno Boys’ Home

“for in You the fatherless find compassion.” (Hosea 14:3)


The Nepomuceno Home for Boys had its beginning in 1963. Arnold and Carol Boich were its Founders. It was the first children’s home established by the Apostolic Christian Church Nazarene in the country of Brazil. Hope Foundation for the Protection of Children was the name under the Presbyterian Church in Nepomuceno and the leadership of the John Veiga family in prior years. It was the Veiga family who after a few years of operation sought out help from the Apostolic Christian Church to direct and support the work in Nepomuceno. The farm land of 55 acres plus two building were turned over to the American churches with only one stipulation, that the ministry with children continue. The ministry has continued for more than forty years.


There are currently 11 boys at the home. The home is transitioning into a new project where they will be raising quails with intentions of becoming self sustaining on the profits made from quail eggs.

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Current Needs

  • New Quail Project – Please pray that the project would run smoothly and that God would bless the efforts put forth to making this project possible.
  • Prayer Support – Please sign up for the newsletter (see above) to find out the current prayer needs.
  • Child Tuition – Children have to pay for their tuition so please consider sponsoring a child to pay for their education.
  • Clothing Boxes – Clothes can be sent to the home in boxes. The mailing address can be found on their website.

How To Help

To discuss opportunities for this cause, please contact Ninette Kuljanski.

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